Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just Wondering

Have you ever felt like emptying your child's dresser and just leaving them with one outfit? In the evening putting in a pair of pj's then in the mornings putting in another outfit? Would that solve my problems of straightening out drawers and picking up clean clothes from the floor? Would it keep my almost 3 year old from changing outfits several times a day? Would I have to hide the dress up clothes too?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Book Club

Our ward has had a book club for a number of years. I have tried to go as often as possible. Most of the time I am working and unable to attend. Two months ago I was able to go for the first time in about a year. When they were discussing where they would meet the next few months, my hand shot up and I blurted out that November would be a good month for me. My first thought were that a deadline would help to get a few things cleaned up around here. My second thought was how can I gracefully back out.

Last week I worked on a few cleaning projects, which was a good thing since I was sick on Wednesday and wasn't able to clean as much as I had hoped. Rain prevented us from doing much outside. But the outhouse that was positioned close to the house during a short time of septic tank troubles was finally moved. (First impressions are a good thing, and I didn't want anyone thinking that we didn't have indoor plumbing).

People came bearing lots of desserts, friendships were renewed and our book was discussed. We read (OK, I didn't finish my assignment, but should be able to today) Left To Tell by Immaculee Ilibagiza. This was quite an incredible book, I enjoyed the comments made by those visiting.

Next month we are reading Dickens, A Christmas Carol. This one I have already read and we'll be going to someone else's home.

Phew, I survived.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Christmas is just around the corner, unbelievable until you walk into a W-mart where they already have Christmas music playing. Rick's family gets very specific about gifts and wish lists. I have always had a hard time spelling out what I want, because
A. I feel embarrassed to actually ask for something specific.
B. I can never think of anything I really want.
C. I dislike knowing what I am getting, I like surprises.
My sister-in-law Rannie always gets me the coolest most surprising fun crafty gifts, they make me want to shop with her. And she doesn't shop from my want list. Other family members need help in choosing gifts. Over the years I've come to appreciate those lists, how handy is it to know that so and so likes black socks and someone else wants season 2 of Northern Exposure.

Every year I am very slow in getting my list together. This year I've decided to start early. I've decided to come up with my wish list now. Instead of telling the family I need silicone muffin pans I want to gather up a cool, fun, surprising, exciting list of what I want/need. (ok, this is sounding a bit selfish, but family members are asking and I have a good idea what my kids want-like) Maybe if I write my list now, I'll forget what I asked for by Christmas time. Here's the problem, aside from having Clean H0use come in and clean/organize/paint, I have no ideas as to what I want. Any ideas? What do you want for Christmas? What do your kids want for Christmas? Keep it clean, or I'll delete it.
Happy Holidays

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Pictures

Halloween pictures this year was met with a few unwilling participants. They wanted to get on to the good part...the candy. I quickly snapped a few shots, so we could get on our way.
This year I made 3! costumes. Abby wanted to be a wizard, we found this cool purple fabric with spider webs and made an easy cape. She is trying (being forced) to show off the material and didn't want her smiling face to be seen.

Michelle and Cristine were both Little Red Ridding Hood. I think their capes turned out pretty well. (Hopefully when I enter one into the fair, next year, the judges will be kinder then they were to the kimono. Hello it's a Halloween costume, it just has to stay together while you go trick-or-treating, for example look at the ones found at W-mart).

Peter wanted to be a pirate looking for his lost loot. He must have found it since his bag was so heavy.

Cristine wasn't into the picture taking either. In this photo she is wondering why her bag is so flat and empty.
Other than the photo shoot, we had a fun night. The weather was mild, coats were not required, I think that was a first! The rain held off until the next day. Erin, Bridger and Forest met up with us, then came back and stayed the night. Another family joined us for dinner after trick-or-treating. We had yummy chili and bone breadsticks. We played cards and Settlers of Zarahemlia while the kids ran around eating too much candy. I think Halloween should be on a Friday night every year!