Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

For Christmas Abby was given a digital camera. She has wanted one FOREVER! Yesterday we went in to Portland to spend some of our Christmas money. Our first stop was the Portland Temple. While I was in the Distribution Center the kids and Grammy K. walked around. Abby took all of these beautiful pictures. My New Year's Resolution is to visit here more often.
Happy 2009!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Pajamas (1 of 2 posts!)

I found these pictures the other day, cleaning out some old boxes of stuff I can't get rid of. My scanner is not hooked up, I can never really get it to work, so I took pictures of them. They are not the best quality, but my kids have had a lot of fun looking at them. (Erin you were so young and cute! You are about 9 months older than Christine in these photos!)

The photos are mostly from Christmas Eve 1991. I was home from BYU for the holidays. Not pictured is Laurie, I think she spent Christmas in Utah that year. This was our last holiday season in Modesto, CA. (next year I think all us McBride girls should get together to make our own Mr and Mrs. Clause heads!)

More lovely pajama pictures, Laurie gave me these HOTT jammies. Wendy, what's with the blue leg?
Another fun pj photo. Do you get yourself and spouse matching pj's? Will he wear them?

Do you get your kids new pajamas each year for Christmas? Do they match? Do you sew them? Do you open them up on Christmas Eve?
While growing up, for most years at least, I can answer yes. Do I sew my kids pajamas? No, I have a pattern for some pj bottoms, but have yet to try it. Do we give pj's? Usually. Do they match? Only if buying the same brand is considered matching. Do we open them on Christmas Eve? If I can remember which package they are. This year my mother-in-law wanted to get the kids something they could use, so I helped her pick out fun pj's. But since I'm not giving them, the kids won't be opening them until Christmas Day. Should I substitute anything else, or just ignore the tradition of one gift on Christmas Eve?

I'm not sure if I've ever taken pictures of my kids with their new pajamas. I think that will be my tradition this year, take a photo of the kids together in their new pj's!
Read on, I have another post!

Pictures from the last couple weeks

Santa's workshop. Mom, don't look too closely! But if you want to learn how to make some cool birds go here.
Abby and her uke.

Michelle on the xylophone. Peter's concert pictures didn't turn out as well.

This morning's view from my window.

First day of snow play. This picture makes me wish I hadn't already ordered Christmas photo cards.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Crsitine's Birthday

We had Cristine's birthday party at Pietro's Pizza last Friday. Erin, Bridger and Forest joined us for the exciting event. (hey little guy, your birthday is coming up!)
Cristine was so excited by this gift, more dress up clothes!

The other day I asked Cristine to change out of her favorite dress up outfit so we could go to the store. A few minutes later she came downstairs wearing her clothes over the top of her ballerina dress, but she didn't quite get it all tucked in. She is wearing a mullet, business in the front.

Party in the back! How did my sweet little girl suddenly turn 3?