Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Abby turns 9 & Visitors Part 2

Abby turned 9 on April 24. This is her funky new outfit.
For her birthday, we decorated t-shirts, the more paint the better.
The loot.
Visiting us from Thailand was Rick's cousin Theresa and her super cute daughter Hisako.

We also went bowling. Got to love those shoes!

Michelle showing her moves. Peter loved bowling. He can beat us everytime on the wii. He beats us in real life too.
Abby and a friend begging to open the gifts.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Visitors Part 1

This week were were lucky to have my mom visit from Utah. Sarah and Iris decided to come join in the fun.
Iris is so cute. My kids had so much fun playing with her.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

14 Years!

Today, April 8, is our 14th Wedding Anniversary. Happy Anniversary Rick, I love you! I don't seem to take too many pictures of him, something I need to try harder at! This is the only one I have on this computer. The kids were each given a 9 tile puzzle for Michelle's birthday. Rick is trying to help Peter solve his puzzle. After he finished Peter's, he then worked on Michelle's, Cristine's and Abby's, then Cristine's again and again and again. She likes to mess up the picture. He is amazing man, I enjoy watching him as he works and plays. This weekend, I was asked to hold several pieces of steel while he was welding. I thought about taking his picture, showing all the sparks flying around him, but my hands were busy, the camera was inside and I didn't want any stray sparks to land on my camera like they did on my arm.
Happy Birthday (tomorrow) Mom! I love you. Looking forward to your visit next week!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Michelle's Birthday and Technology

Michelle turned 5 on Friday. How did my sweet little girl grow up so quickly?
Standing in front of the birthday sign we hung on her bedroom door.
Some of our fun decorations. Doesn't that paper lamp look neat next to my mother-in-laws tile print?

Michelle was so excited for her birthday. She woke up at 6am, came into our room to tell us it was her Birthday. We hugged her and talked to her about the day she was born and other fun memories we have. At 6:30am the rest of the kids came into bed with us and we all told fun Michelle stories. Did you know she loves to play puppies?

Michelle had preschool, but Abby and Peter did not have school, it was grade preparation day (?), so they went wild with the balloons and crepe paper. When I arrived home from work, we quickly made a cake, ate dinner and celebrated Michelle's special day.


My cell phone decided that yesterday should have been the start of daylight savings. This morning, I use it as my alarm clock, it woke me up at 5am. I didn't realize what time it actually was until after I woke everyone up and went downstairs to start breakfast. I finally looked at the clock on the stove, then looked at the clock on the microwave. I went back upstairs and told everyone to get back in bed. We then slept for 2 hours and I drove everyone to school, which then made me late for work. At 11am as a co-worker clocked in, I told her that she didn't start until 11am. I then realized it was 11am and not 10am as I thought. I still am very confused as to what time it is today. I should be serving dinner, it's 5:30pm, but I haven't started it yet.

Rick asked why I didn't notice how dark it was outside, I told him I don't open my eyes until I shower. He also said I shouldn't be so dependant on technology, but without it, I would sleep until 8am. Hopefully technology worked better for you today!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

28 Days of Fun! UPDATED

Michelle told me this morning that we are all human beans. Because we are all human and from way up high we look like beans, kind of pink.


Preparations are in high gear as we get ready for our 28 Days of Celebration.
I was going to link the pink letters to my post last April, but that seems too much for me this morning, so just imagine lots of shopping and gift wrapping.

Today Michelle and I are going to have a Mommy and Me date. My plan is to take her to a fun toy store in town, giving her a $5 limit, and let her pick something out. For dessert we plan to see if Mike's Ice Cream is open (Please be open, she's been wanting to go there for months).

-Mike's Ice Cream was not open. Rats! They did not have a sign on the door saying if they were just closed for the day, or still closed since the road in front of it is torn up. We improvised by going to Dairy Queen instead. Yummy, but lacking the fun atmosphere of Mike's.

Tomorrow night Rick's sister, Marianne and her family will be coming to watch Conference and Party.

Happy Birthday to everyone whose birthday's are coming up: Michelle, Abby, Peter, Mom, Erin, Brady, Stevie, Katie, Iris, Emily and anyone I may have missed!

UPDATE -Mike's Ice Cream was not open. RATS! Not sure if they just closed for the day or still closed for the winter since the road is torn up. We improvised by going to Dairy Queen, yummy but lacking the fun atmosphere.