Monday, July 23, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY! Today is my sister Mary's birthday. I was 5 when she was a baby, I couldn't believe that something so small and cute could be alive. My mom would lay her to sleep in a wicker bassinet. I liked to peek over the side to touch her and then I'd quickly pinch her to make sure it was a real baby and run off while hearing her cry.

I like to think that I helped influence Mary in becoming the great person that she is, but I think I caused more tears and torment than I should have. On her first day of junior high, Mary, Wendy and I joined a few friends at Denny's for breakfast. After a quick barely edible meal, we rushed across town to take Mary to the Jr. High. I thought I was being a cool, fun older sister, but we rode in my friend's topless jeep, causing Mary's hair to stand on end. Probably wasn't the way she'd planned to start the year.

Mary, I thought about calling you today, but with your problem phones, I couldn't remember which one was working. Hope you have a fun camping trip. Happy Birthday, I love you! No, I did not forget about your birthday, I just wasn't able to blog until 10pm.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Couple of Answers

Here's a picture of our trailer stuck on the side of the road. If you look closely to the right, you can see Abby and Peter.

Our camping trip was fun, I did not loose track of any of our kids. But while I was on a potty trip, Cristine wandered into the neighboring camper area. We had two families join us on our trip, making a total o 10 kids. The kids had a great time running around playing, yelling, laughing, crying, fighting, playing again. We'd put the kids to bed and then stay up playing phase 10 and talking. We must have stayed up too late, been too loud or our kids must have annoyed the neighbors because on Sunday morning someone left a nasty note on our car. The note said something to the effect: You folks are rude and inconsiderate campers. What a way to end a fun trip. Maybe had they mentioned something earlier we could have been quieter or something.

One of the reasons we like this place is how it is set up, there is a lot of space between camping areas with lots of brush. Different than some of the places we've been to on the Oregon coast where you are packed in like sardines. We think of it like leaving the country to go camping only to end up in the city.

The dog did not go camping with us. A friend from work took him home with her for the weekend. The dog is home with us once again. It seems to be ours now. Still no name.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

8 Things About Me

Deanne at Fragile Flower tagged me to list 8 things you didn't know about me. Since I couldn't get these pictures to work yesterday, I'm going to try to combine the two. 1. This cute puppy adopted our home Sunday. I need to take him to the vet to see if he has a chip. But he came without a tag or collar. Can we keep him? The kids are in love. Need some name ideas!
2. Instead of helping Cristine climb, I grabbed my camera and took pictures of her stuck climbing our play structure.
3. We made fun shirts for the kids to wear in the HR parade. I also made fun hats, but the kids were too hot or maybe to embarrassed? to wear them.
4. While at the port enjoying BBQ and friends, Michelle was lured off by the tinkling of the Ice Cream truck. Peter and I were at the suburban getting clean clothes and heard the ice cream man mention a lost girl. Couldn't be mine, they were busy playing with new friends. Several minutes later a family brought her to our picnic area. I had no idea she had been missing! (bad mommy!) I received a great lecture from people who don't know me on how to be a better parent. They claimed she didn't know her way back and took her all around trying to find her family. The ice cream truck was only 20 feet from our picnic area, and we'd been walking around all day. I think if they hadn't stepped in, she could have made it back just fine. Was Michelle upset-no, she was upset that she didn't have any money for ice cream and the driver wouldn't give her a free sample
5. I love to use my new camera to take pictures of my kids, this one included. Well at least the ones I have with me, not the ones I'm trying to loose (that's a joke people)
6. We tried to leave on a camping trip yesterday, only to get a mile from town, stopped by a blow out on the trailer. The spare tire's valve stem was bad, so Rick left Abby, Peter and myself on the side of the road, with the trailer, while he went home to fix the spare. We sat on a towel in the grassy area watching cars, trucks and trains speed by. With a trailer full of food we ate Popsicles and chips, counted trucks and told stories. Rick came back after a while, put the fixed spare tire on and we headed back home for the night. We are now waiting for him to return from Les Schwabs with a new spare tire (changing the shredded old tire into a new spare) so we can return on our way.
7. I haven't changed out of my jammies yet, it 9am, we're supposed to be ready to go, but I'm feeling lazy and decided to update my blog instead.
8. At this moment, I've decided it is time to move, check spell check once more, post my new post and take a shower.
Be back Sunday

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Pits

For the last couple of weeks while I've been out changing sprinklers, I've been stopping by our Lappin cherry tree. I've been testing them to see how ripe they are. During the last few days they have gotten so sweet. I like to pick a handful to eat while I continue with my sprinkler changing duties. Our pie cherries are now ripe, and waiting for me to pick, pit and freeze.

I love cherries. So does Abby, Michelle and Cristine. Cristine likes to drool the dark pink juice onto her shirts to show everyone her love of cherries. Peter likes to help pick them, but won't even attempt a bite. Abby, Michelle and I have been having pit spitting contests. Growing up, we'd stand outside and see who could spit their pit across the deck into a whole that was cut out for the water valve. I think it was pretty even as to who won those contests, we all seemed to have enough spitting force (hot air?) to shoot them to the opposite side.

As I walk through the orchard eating cherries and spitting pits, I think about my sisters. When I get to the last cherry, instead of spitting the pit, I keep it in my mouth. We also have contests to see who could keep the cherry pit in their mouth the longest. It seemed that Wendy could hold her pit for hours. I think she always won. So today, with a cherry pit tucked in my cheek, I want to wish my little sister Wendy the Happiest of Birthdays. Here's to you, may you continue to hold cherry pits in your mouth for hours and then spit them clear across your Lanai (did I spell that right?). Love your guts and pits!

Since I couldn't find a picture of a cherry pit, or one of us spitting cherries I thought I'd give you Ten-time Cherry Pit Spit Champ "Pellet Gun" Krause, July 1997. Wonder whatever happened to ol' P. Gunny Krause. Wendy, I think he's blowing you a birthday pit kiss.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Craft Time and a Family Reunion

Abby's apron "peace out"
Abby showing Peter's apron
Abby wearing Michelle's apron. Could we get a new pose please?
After having our kids fight over the same apron each time we bake anything I decided it was time to have a sewing lesson. We found some fun fabric at JoAnn's and bought quilt binding for the ties (thank you Mary for the fast edging idea!). The kids helped cut the fabric and pushed the pedal while I steered the fabric. They were so excited by the finished results they wore them all day.
Grandma McBride with Grandma Weimer
Grandma Weimer with a few of her many grandkids
Look at that pouty face!

Grandma Weimer with a few of her great grandkids
Celebrating Grandma's 90th birthday
Since I took several days off so we could go to Erin's wedding, work was a little reluctant to give me more time off. I had a kind co-worker agree to work for me on Saturday so we could race over to La Grande, Oregon. We had lots of fun swimming with my cousins and their kids. We were able to spend more time with Grammy McBride, Erin and Bridger. We were also able to celebrate Grandma Weimer's 90th birthday. It was so fun to see a few of my cousins and meet their families. Uncle Brent taught everyone a fun new card game, but we left in the middle of the game, and I didn't really figure it out. These reunions are always such a fun event, hopefully at the next reunion in 2 years more of us will be able to attend.

Note to Peter, please don't ride the merry go round after eating lots of chocolate cake.