Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Are you really Sick?

The only time our kids really like to share, is if germs are involved. Share a toy, no way! Share the glass I just drank out of, no problem! I think this is why we've been struggling for the last 2 weeks to get rid of a yucky cough.

Michelle and I stayed home from church 2 weeks ago since she was coughing and had a fever. Abby and Rick stayed home last Sunday with the same thing. Monday morning Peter woke up saying he was sick. He has a hard time waking up, and often complains of different ailments. Yesterday it was his ear, then his head, then his tummy, then he said he didn't like school, then he didn't like his teacher. This continued all morning as we looked him over, checked his throat, took his temperature. We delared him healthy enough to attend school and sent him out the door to catch the school bus.

Thirty minutes later the school called informing us that Peter had thrown up. I think the school could now offer a tour showing where our kids have each thrown up. Peter spent the rest of the day at home, throwing up once, but running around the house the rest of the day. Was he sick? I think so. But it is so hard sometimes to figure out if they should attend school.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Birth Order Decoder

try this instead: http://parents.com/parents/multimedia.jhtml?multimediaId=/templatedata/parents/multimedia/data/1130421588584.xml


Rick and I often talk about our kids and their personality vs. their birth order. We wonder if being first really contributes to having a strong personality, Abby. Or if being last, Cristine, make you more dependant. Does being a middle child, Peter or Michelle, cause you to get over looked? I could go on. But instead I found this at parents.com which pretty much sums it all up. 1ZA746T00298506507 Hopefully the link works. How do your kids compare?

Wooo Hooo

Howdy folks, thanks for the encouragement on starting my very own blog. Let's get started!