Monday, August 23, 2010

Last week we went to Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast. We left 95 degrees and drove into the clouds, wind and cooler temperatures.

I could not believe the kids went out into the water. I barely got my toes wet and that was enough.

What a fun day. The cool weather followed us eastward as we drove home, where we were welcomed my a much cooler house.

We made personal pizzas the other day. This crust recipe came from a friend and is so easy, I love it! The kids were so excited to make their own. In the past when we make pizza, I make 2 using a box mix. This was so much easier. While eating Michelle exclaimed, "I make the best pizza ever!"
Pizza Crust Recipe
2 c hot water
2 T yeast
Let sit for a few minutes. Add:
2 t sugar
2 t salt
4 t olive oil
5 c flour (I substituted 1 cup with whole wheat flour!)
Mix it together. Get out your rolling pin and pizza toppings. Pull off tennis ball size lumps and let your kids go to town. (See easy, you don't have to let it raise!) Bake 450 for 10min.
It's not gourmet, it's not authentic, but we enjoyed it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brand New Pencils, Brand New Books

Ah, the smell of fresh pencils. Aren't these neat?
The kids have been wanting to buy school supplies ever since they saw workers unpacking them at the local W-mart. Today was the day and our bill was HUGE! We bought $10 worth of homework supplies (glue, markers, pencils) the rest was class supplies- yikes!
Some of our purchases: 12 dozen pencils, 13 glue sticks, 14 folders, tissues, paper plates, napkins, zip-lock bags, 2 reams copy paper.
At the end of the school year I try to box up things that are still usable like scissors and rulers. But this year I wasn't as organized. I think we bought enough supplies to outfit several small countries.
I still have some shopping left, a small simple calculator for Abby, lunchboxes and jeans. For some reason we keep outgrowing them.
Are your class lists as huge? Next year we will have 4 in school. Any bets on what we'll spend then?