Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Clam Diggity

Last week we headed up to the Puget Sound to go clam digging. This is a family favorite activity. Rick really enjoys vacations where he works as hard as he does while in the orchard. Abby enjoys digging the clams, and had gotten to be a good clammer. Peter loves to dig and play in the water. Michelle likes to look for pretty shells and hold worms. I enjoy clam digging, but mostly just like being together as a family.

The day of the departure found me up early, with everything ready, ON TIME! We shoved the last of our stuff into our travel trailer only to find that we couldn't find the keys to the travel trailer. We spent many hours tearing apart our house. We looked in little worn jackets, under the washing machine, deep in the junk drawer, in sock drawers. We looked through my mother-in-laws house, the barn. Any and every place we could think of. Finally Rick looked in our van, and quickly located the missing set of keys. Rick asked my hours earlier to look there, but it was locked up, with the keys safely put away. Plus I was busy sweeping up the dust bunnies I found under the washing machine.

We made it to the campsite safely, and enjoyed several fun days filled with rain, clam digging, good food and math bingo. Rick's sister, brother-in-law and niece came over one afternoon. They helped as we shucked oysters, and gave the kids some cool flashlights.

One morning while Rick was visiting with our neighboring campers, I decided to start the propane grill. I couldn't get the long lighter to light, so I leaned in to watch a little closer and POOF. I smelled burning hair, and quickly felt to see if I still had eyebrows. I dashed inside to take a look in the mirror. Fortunately I still have eyebrows and eyelashes, they just aren't quite as long as they were. So long bushy eyebrows. The bangs that have recently grown back after having Cristine are once again short and sticking up, but I still have hair. Rick is still laughing at me.

Fortunately the lost keys and hair loss were the only mishaps. We had so much fun, we voted to return in April. Sarah and Anna do you guys want to meet us with us?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Grampie

My sisters Wendy and Mary always have the funnest pictures and blogs celebrating our families birthday's.

Happy Birthday Grampie! Congratulations on being 24 again!
love you dad!

Thursday, March 8, 2007


My two big girls were playing. Abby told Michelle: We don't have to pay for anything here, because this is the FREE-dom.

What exactly are they teaching these kids in public school?

The SuperNanny is in Portland looking for problem families. Should I volunteer my family, or nominate the scary mom who screams at her kids each time she is in the store? A co-worker and I discussed this and decided that there are at least 4 families we see on a regular basis who we'd like to nominate. Do they take anonimous tips? They make my lack of vegitable consumption seem very minor!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Bit O'Bragging

Here's a quick update on what our kids have been up too:

Abby-performed a Hula in our ward's talent show (Wendy, I think she's ready to visit-maybe your girls can give her some needed tips on moving her hips).
Her 2nd grade class gets to go swimming for the next 2 weeks (how come Sonoma School never let us use the nice indoor pool on the same property?).

Peter-threw-up on the bus yesterday, adding another fun stop on our family's puke tour. He is learning to read, and it is fun to listen to him spell, fan, pan, ran, can, rat, pat, hat etc. He loves the book Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom and has been re-illustrating it, pages can be found allover our house.

Michelle-gave her first talk in Primary. She was so cute, spoke loud and clear, even though the microphone was broken. I am looking for more easy, kid friendly talks that go along with this year's Primary theme, post them to the comments if you have any!

Cristine-is now folding her arms when we pray, and mumbles her own words, throws her arms up, saying 'ahhh' and claps. She is starting to talk, saying 'ashe ashe la la down' (from Ring-Around-the-Rosie).
Rick-has been out pruning the last week or so, he's almost finished with all the big cuts, then the workers will shape the trees. Since my blog name is Orchard Girl, I plan on taking a few pictures of what is happening outside my door. I think we get to help in gathering up the brush.
Me-my headaches have almost disappeared and I got over the same stomach flu Peter had. This weekend I am taking a SCUBA course. I'm excited, but worried. I keep worrying that I'm not retaining any of the stuff I'm reading about, or I'll have a major cramp in my legs that keeps me from passing the course. Yikes! Wish me luck!