Monday, April 19, 2010

A Month in Photos

We started April with Easter and Michelle's 7th birthday. Both on the same day-How exciting is that?

Forest was so excited to help Michelle celebrate! When he saw the presents he came running in saying he was ready to unwrap his gifts.
We had our egg hunt in the back yard The kids were so fun to watch as they ran around looking for eggs.

Peter showing off his loot.

Forest was so cute. When most of the eggs were found, the kids walked in front of Forest hiding (really more like dropping) eggs quickly so he could find more.

Hey Crissy, I spy a blue egg just to your right!

Being the oldest and fastest has it's perks, Abby found the golden egg, loaded with spare change.

Peter's class went on a fun field trip to OMSI. Cristine and I met up with them there. This is Sampson, the super cool dinosaur. Peter was in heaven looking at the cool fossils. We need to take a family trip here!

These next photos were taken Sunday. The orchard is almost in full bloom. It is just beautiful right now!
I tried to get the kids to pose for me. Instead of a nice group of photos, the kids were having way too much fun joking around.
Michelle finally lost one of her top teeth. She didn't want anyone to pull it. It was so loose I thought she might swallow it.
I didn't get any photos from Saturday. But we got to spend the day with Rick's nephew Michael his wife Christina and their fun 11 year old son, Jacob. We haven't seen Mike is so long it was really fun to catch up. The kids weren't too excited about their visit until I mentioned they had a son. I wasn't sure how old he was, the kids decided that as long as he was able to walk and talk they would have fun. I think they were especially pleased when they realized he was old enough to play with. We are looking forward to many more fun visits!

With April not quite over, we are looking forward to many more fun activities.