Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cross Your Fingers


Lately we have been quite lucky, so lucky that I've been thinking about going out and buying a lottery ticket just to prove it.

In January we found out that Abby and Peter won the Cavity Free Awards from their dentist. The secretary said that they have never had siblings win in the same month. Peter won a super cool penguin, Abby received a $25 gift certificate to our favorite local toy store.

A couple weeks ago we found out that Michelle won the monthly birthday drawing, from the same super cool toy store. She received a fun t-shirt and a $75 gift certificate. What a fun shopping trip that was! (Couldn't find the picture of her in the newspaper and the photo of a photo didn't turn out well)

Friday night was our school's carnival. After several tries at the Hostess Hop (cake walk) Cristine won a cupcake. During the raffle ticket drawing I held mine with anxious hands. Could I continue the tradition? Would my I make my family proud? Then I heard number. I won the Twilight Bo0k Series. Woo Hoo, then rats, I already own them. When I walked to the raffle table the lady behind me said that she had really hoped to win them. So we made a quick switch. Instead of vampires I got 2 cookbooks. Hello, Cupcake! and Katie Brown's Weekends. I haven't looked through the Weekend's book, but we've already used a couple ideas from the cupcake book.
Yesterday on the way to the Little League Opening Ceremony, Michelle picked me a 2 leaf clover. She said I was halfway lucky. She was right. The raffle tickets I'd bought for baseball were losers. Luck only lasts so long.

Monday, April 20, 2009

How Quickly Time Flies!

Lately my computer time has become very limited. It seems that whenever I sit down, several little people seem to crowed me off. I don't have too many pictures either. Let's just say I've been slacking the last couple months. Much has been happening though. Here's a quick recap...

January: My workers are all happy since they received their w-2 forms back in January, despite quick=books best efforts to defy me. Our orchard filing cabinet is cleaned out with fresh new files.

February: I survived the Valentine's Day rush...although Mother's Day is in the Horizon...

March: Spring Break, a trip to the zoo, we got rained out, pictures to follow sometime in the future. A fun visit from Uncle Nathan. He made Abby the neatest Ukulele her Uku-stra teacher was very impressed!

April: birthday season in now in full swing. Happy Birthday Michelle back on April 4th. Sorry you puked on the day of your friend party, but we did reschedule and have it last Saturday. A quick trip to La Grand to my sweet Grandmother's funeral. Although it was a sad time, I enjoyed seeing almost all of my sisters and cousins. Hanging out in the church gym was lots of fun, I wish we all lived closer. Easter, fun egg hunts, lots of chocolate and a surprise dinner guest, Mary, who had flight problems.
In March we went to Parkdale to visit with our friend Tommy. As soon as we got out of the car most of the chickens took off running, you got it, across the road. Which then called for my kids to ask over and over again....Why did the chickens cross the road?...

Apparently the rooster knew the joke and decided it was safer to stay by the water pan.