Monday, September 13, 2010

Watch Out World

Cristine started her 3 year of preschool. She was so excited to see her friends. While taking pictures she got a little impatient with me! Here's a look back at how much she has grown up in three years.
Cristine in 2008, not quite 3 years old.

Here she is last year, almost 4.

Same sign, this year. She has really grown up this year. As you can tell pink is still her favorite color and she still lets me put flowers in her hair.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st Day of School 2010

Can you believe it is a whole new school year? I feel like we were just taking last years pictures about a week ago.
Michelle could not wait for school to start. She said she had butterflies in her tummy this morning. She was so cute posing for her picture.

Peter was given some super cool N1ke shoes. He proudly wore them today.

Peter is now in 4th grade. When he came downstairs this morning I was surprised he wasn't wearing one of his new shirts, but he loves his Mario shirt.

Cristine will start preschool tomorrow. This will be her last year at home with me. We had so much fun spending the day together. We did a few art projects, gluing pom poms on paper. We did a science experiment, put some queen Ann's lace flowers in yellow dyed water. We also started a sewing project, which hopefully I'll finish tomorrow.

Abby started Middle School today. I really hope she has a good experience. We've been watching "The D1ary of a Wimpy Kid" all summer, ahhh middle school memories. She missed the bus this afternoon. This evening we had to figure out which bus will take her to the High School, where she'll then catch the right bus to take her home. We're both a little nervous about her riding the bus with HS students.
Everyone came home happy and were excited to go back tomorrow.