Monday, November 29, 2010

Pictures from October

We went to Seattle for Halloween. Something happened to my kids and I ended up with a purple haired spider girl, a tiger, a funky witch and a little rock star. We went Trunk or Treating with Marianne and her family, wowie some of the cars/trailers/tents were decorated nicely.
A visit to Seattle dictates that one must visit the huge Cabela's store. We had fun feeding the fish, watching fish swim in the large tanks and stared at the huge number of stuffed animals. We were done shopping long before Rick, good thing they sell ice cream bars.

The park around the Space Needle has some really neat sculptures.

Look how pretty the blue sky is! Sunshine seemed to follow us in our traveling!

More fun sculptures.

At the Pike Street Market. This photo was taken right before we lost Peter. What a scary thing that was, I din't think I'd see him again.

Cristine's preschool went to the pumpkin patch. Yes that is a spider on her head, we had fun making those.