Friday, May 30, 2008

Let's Hear It

Since I haven't taken the time to blog lately, I thought I'd ask all of you to help me out. I need some fresh ideas. So give me your tips on:

Laundry, how do you motivate yourself to put it away once it is folded?
Potty training
Fun summer activity ideas
Exercising tips and motivation
Healthy eating, quick snacks, family favorites
Photograph organization, do you scrapbook, put them in albums or throw them in a box?
Waking up, how do you get yourself out of bed, do you jump out quickly ready for the day or slowly wake up?

OK, let's hear them. Any other ideas that you may have, feel free to comment.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Abby's Field Trip

Last week I got to go with Abby's class on a field trip. It is fun to live in an area where these amazing sites are just minutes from our home.

The Vista House at Crown Point.
Picture of the class, teachers and parents at the Vista House.
Giant sturgeon at the Bonneville Fish Hatchery. This guy said he wanted me to take him home for a BBQ.
Upper Horse Tail Falls. This was a quick hike. I'd like to try this with the family. It is a little steep, but beautiful. The trail takes you behind this waterfall.
Multnomah Falls is just beautiful. Whenever we drive by on I-84, I always try to take take a look at it.
Abby at Benson bridge, (notice it in the above photo) watching as the water cascades down the lower falls.
I had a great time, the bus ride was loud (note, next month for Peter's zoo trip take a pair of ear plugs). Each stop was quick, but our guide from the Portland Audubon Society, was very knowledgeable and kept the kids interested. Every year I vow to hike the gorge more, but we usually only make one or two hikes. This summer I'd like to try a few more hikes, anyone want to meet up at Eagle Creek?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Peter's Birthday Celebration

Peter turned 7 on May 2. We survived the last birthday of the season.
This was taken out in our orchard. The trees are beautiful now, maybe tomorrow after church I'll be able to get some good pictures of the kids. Please please no rain.