Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Attempt to Become Self Reliant

Every summer I tell Rick that "this" year I am actually going to start canning. With all the pears, peaches, cherries, tomatoes and other veggies we grow around here some may think I should already be elbow deep in fruit peels and sugar syrup. Instead, I find reasons and excuses as to why I avoid it. This year I am determined to bottle up some fruit, boy that sounds familiar doesn't it?

Growing up I watched my mom can a number of different things. It seemed that as the temperature in the kitchen went up, so did my mom's temperament, sorry mom! Maybe that is why I avoid it...

My mother-in-law, until the last few years, was a one woman canning machine. She would put up quarts of green beans, pickled garlic, tomatoes, the best canned peaches-ever and the most beautiful canned pears. Every year she would win stacks of ribbons from the county fair. She also won a few trophies for her amazing pears. Several times I asked if I could help her, hoping to pick up her secrets in the process, only to arrive at her house at the 6am we agreed upon to find that she had already finished up. She was unable to sleep and started to can in the wee house of the morning.

Friday, I decided to throw caution to the wind and make some cherry juice. I picked a couple bowls of cherries, washed them and then threw them into my juicer thing. A little while later I was rewarded with 4 beautiful bottles of deep red juice. Since it was still fairly early in the day and the house wasn't too hot, I decided to make a couple more bottles. Lets just say I shouldn't have tempted fate. While in the other room I started to hear a sizzling noise so I quickly dashed back into the kitchen and found the hose leading out of my juicer had detached. Cherry juice had sprayed all over the floor, rivers had run down the face of the oven and huge puddles were burning on the stove top. I quickly wiped it all up making a sticker mess and continued with my juicing. I ended up with 9 bottles of juice and a somewhat sticky-free floor. Will I attempt to actually can something? Maybe. A friend just dropped off a huge box of fresh peaches.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

88 Birthday Wishes

Hana turned 88 this week. This is a big birthday according to Japanese custom. The person turning 88 is supposed to wear RED. (if anyone can explain the purpose and meaning behind this, please leave a comment) The money lei was a gift from her brother and sister in law. Tied to it is $88. Our kids thought that was really cool.
Rick's siblings all pitched in to help with the event, decorating tables, cleaning up the yard, prepping food, etc. Thank you for your help!

We had fun chatting and getting reacquainted with family members.

Happy Birthday Grammy K.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July weekend. We watched a parade, baked in the sun, waded in the river, ate yummy food and too much candy, then watched a fun firework show. How was your weekend?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Peter's Baptism

Peter's baptism actually happened a couple months ago. It was a small, sweet event. Sadly my Erin and Bridger and my parents were unable to make it.