Monday, January 23, 2012

The Forgotten Blog

Maybe this was why we lost our power.

That is mostly ice and some snow on the road.

That large branch was on the laundry room roof. Our sad birch tree will probably have to be cut down this spring.

Ice cold apples.

More of the birch tree.

Another view of the birch tree. Notice the broken top of the tree. Good thing we decided to move our cars the night before.

This morning I wrote a huge long post detailing the events of the last week. It was long and boring. So to spare my family and friends I've decided to give a shorter, hopefully less boring, version.

Two Saturdays ago it started snowing. The kids were super excited. Yay! Snow finally.

Sunday, I was disappointed church wasn't cancelled. Bumped into the curb turning into church. Car not hurt, kids think I'm a horrible snow driver. Still snowing.

Monday, no school. Mostly stopped snowing. Quick trip to Portland to stock up on supplies and spend Christmas gift cards.

Tuesday, snowing. School delayed 2 hours. Portland schools closed. Unfair. Kids build a snowman.

Wednesday, snowing hard. No school, kids rejoice. Snowman looks like a lump out in the yard. No electricity for most of the day. Generator runs pellet stove and TV.

Thursday, snow turns to rain. No school. Ice starts to build up. Kids try to make snow angels, they can't move their arms because snow is crusty. We have power.

Friday, more rain. Wake up to power going out. No school. Power lines laying in our front yard. Snow so hard we can walk on top breaking thru every now and then. Trees start breaking from weight of ice.

Saturday, scariest drive to work, EVER, and I didn't even drive. Thank you Rick. Trees and branches litter the road. Power lines down everywhere. We see flashes of light and then darkness, others are loosing their power. We are still without power. Still raining. Starts to warm up and after work roads are just wet. Basement is starting to flood, run power cord from generator to sump pump.

Sunday, no church. Snow is slowly falling. Made the kids take a quick bath in the kitchen sink. Woohoo, I know why some people would only bathe once a year. Soon after our power is back on. Hooray. Abby and I celebrate by baking cookies and brownies.

Monday, the clean up begins. Sunny! Rick took the branches off the house. All day at work I heard others tell their snow stories. What a blessing it was to own generators and to have extra food. I really missed hot water, but at least we had water, I know some people with wells who didn't have any.

Tomorrow's forecast: Snow and freezing rain. Here we go again. Rick is building a strong case for a larger water....


Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

yawza! I am glad you guys survived! You should invest in some ice skates and skate on the near by pond.
p.s. all the snow is so beautiful!

Mary said...

Wow Heather! I'm amazed at all that ice! Did that make for good sledding or what? The pictures of the ice on the trees are cool. Thank goodness you were prepared!

Deanne said...

I'm glad for you that you guys have a generator, even though it is limited in what it supplies. I can't imagine being through a snow/ice storm like that. Amazing!

I love the pic of the frozen apples, so pretty! :)

Anna said...

Holy Ice storm! That is amazing. I am impressed at how ready you guys are for emergency situations!

C. Venturini said...

Wow!!! I knew you had no power but I didn't know to what degree you all suffered- Michael is really sad about the tree... I'm not.
Well, it didn't snow in Portland, bummer!!!

wendy said...

Wow Heather! What amazing photos! Unbelievable! I'm so glad your tree didn't break your roof or windows - how scary!

my word verification thing is almost "arctic" so fitting!