Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February in Pictures

My Valentine! This picture makes me smile!

Close your eyes Rannie, you may be getting one as a birthday card. I made these fun shoes as Valentines for the girls, they were so easy to make. I think they would be fun for a Cinderella party. Since the paper I used was 2 sided I didn't make the liner.
Peter's Cub Scout troop had their annual Pinewood Derby. Once again he had a cool red car, we still have a whole can of spray paint. We thought the dragons made it look fast.

Here is his car about to cross the finish line, in front of the others! This year his car won a couple races and now gets to go on to districts.

The line up, do you see the dragon racer?
The 6th graders at our Middle School have a fun section where they learn about ancient Egypt. At the end of their course they have a fun Egyptian Fair. Erin and Anna, do you remember this? One of the cool perks-wearing lots of make-up to school. Coming up with extra credit projects was a fun. Abby and her friends decided to paint pottery. During Christmas break I dropped them off at a pottery shop where they stayed all day. If they offered lodging I think they would have moved in.

Here are the fun jars the girls painted.

Abby said she wanted to make a pyramid as her second project, using cardboard and sand. I suggested rice crispy treats. (I must watch too many cake baking shows on TV). We made a total of 7 batches of marshmallow goodness, 4 on the first batch, 3 on the second. Abby lined a square box with wax paper, then we dumped the gooey mixture in and squished it into the corners. We let it cool overnight. Then decided to cut it in half, we scooped out one side so we could have a burial room, complete with mummy, jars of food, Lego warrior, and golden chariot wheels all made out of rice crispy treats or white chocolate. On the other side of the pyramid Abby painted a white chocolate burial scene, showing a person offering food to the sun god.

Everyone seemed excited by the pyramid, especially when they got to eat it. It was devoured in minutes, all that remained were crumbs, much to the delight of the janitors I'm sure.

I told Peter he gets to make the Sphinx in a couple of years.
Other fun February things: basketball. Abby said they will be studying Greece next-Toga party anyone?


Rannie said... I peeked and am sooo excited to learn how to make the shoe! What a fun Mom you are....Abby looks fabulous in that she can't wait until she gets to wear the real thing. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

The pyramid turned out awesome! I am glad you posted pictures (I couldn't quite picture it in my head). See you tomorrow.

Rima Family said...

What great projects! I'm so proud of Abby! I really enjoyed catching up on what your family is doing Heather! You are a darling family!

orchard_girl said...

Rannie-I'm glad you like the shoes, they were really fun and easy to make

Erin-thanks for coming over last weekend-the kids love seeing Forest and Westley!

Jenny-it's to hear from you again! I need to stop by your blog again.

Rima Family said...

Heather, I've been meaning to e-mail you and your sisters forever! I've been blogging again, but it's been a little "journal" for my kids and I put things like who their primary teachers are and lessons that they taught us in FHE. I wasn't sure if it would be super interesting to others, but would love to send you an e-mail with an invite if you'd like. :0) Mostly, it's just Kyle and our parents that take a peek at it every once in a while. So, I guess you could say I'm not sharing any great ideas on it or anything... it's just kind of a "record" for the kids. :0)

I really enjoy taking a peek at your blog. You have an absolutely beautiful family!